A mysterious girl travelling alone in search of keys leading to parallel worlds. She has a way with transforming spells that help disguise herself, but without a key she is stuck far from home.

Erika "Eri" Pilkvist

Energetic and curious, hoping-to-soon-be art academy student. She tries to help Akane get back on track. And learn some magic while she's at it.

Esbjörn "Ben" Pilkvist

Eri's brother. A practical guy uninterested in any and all supernatural affairs. He's tired.


They seem to be chasing Akane. With a sword. Another person out to collect the keys?

Intermission Cast

Yanaymi "Yana" Quispe

An outskpoken young woman that seems unhappy with the new desk job she got transferred to. Would much rather show off her combat skills.

Leon Ruiz

Yana's new coworker, serious and quiet, he doesn't seem to mind paperwork.

Alberto "Berto" Chavez

Most senior in Yana's new team. Often seen pursuing his academic interests on the job.

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